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Four British deputies support the acts of vandalism in Laayoune

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A Local source confirmed the arrival to Laayoune of four British deputies from theHouse of Lords known for their support to the separatist cause and to the Polisario movement. During their stay, they held numerous meetings with members of several anti government groups where they clearly supported the separatist ideas and publicized anti national causes.

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7th World Environmental Education Congress Marrakesh, Morocco

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7th World Environmental Education Congress


Marrakesh, Morocco

9-14 June 2013

Declaration of Marrakesh


In Marrakesh (Morocco) was held from 9 to 14 June 2013 the 7th World Environmental Education Congress, under the theme: "Environmental Education in Cities and Rural Areas: Seeking Greater Harmony." Around 2000 people from 105 countries around the world are participating.

The opening ceremony was held under the effective presidency of her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Hasnaa who read the message addressed by His Majesty the King Mohammed VI to participants. The work was conducted in four sessions of plenaries, 11 thematic niches, and 22 side events.



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El Jadida : The Festival of Falconry

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Under the honorary patronage of the prefect of El jadida province, Mr. Mouäd El jamïi, and in cooperation with the Provincial Association of Cultural Affairs as well as the Regional Directorate for  culture,  the Falconry Association of Lakouassem region organizes the first  edition  of the falconers festival from April 19th to April 21st 2013.

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Morocco’s Blood Donation Campaign from March 8th to March 24

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Initiated by His Majesty King Mohammed VI on Friday, March 8th, this nationwide blood donation campaign is meant to give a boost to our country’s blood banking system, to meet the increasing need for blood transfusion and to inculcate in Moroccans a culture of solidarity and citizenship.


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El Aroui, Chraibi and Khatibi : Emblems of the Moroccan Intellectual Movement and a source of pride for the region of Doukkala

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This article is meant to pay a tribute to one of Morocco’s most influential Doukkali intellectuals. Their works and contributions have marked the cultural and literary movement in Morocco for decades and their fame has transcended national borders and reached out to the four corners of the globe.

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Doukkala’s Tourism Industry and the Forgotten Historic Heritage : Boulaouane Kasbah as an example

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 With the inauguration of Mazagan Beach Resort in October 2009, the Region of Doukkala has witnessed the  second major economic trend of its modern history,  after the founding of Jorf Lasfar Harbour in the early 1980’s. If  Jorf Lasfar has contributed to the industrial and commercial growth of the region and has brought Doukkala into the forefront of Morocco’s economic  scene, Mazagan Beach Resort has laid the ground for a real booming in the region’s tourism industry, especially that it is considered one of the major holiday destinations in Morocco nowadays.

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